BSc, MBBS, MS, DNB (Gen Surg), FICS, DNB (Urol), FICA, FACS


Medical science is a fast changing profession. Like any other branch of medicine, urology is also developing and new techniques & innovations are regularly being added. An Urologist is a surgical specialist who diagnoses and treats the problems related to kidney, ureter, bladder, prostate and male genital organs.


Male infertility is a further subspecialization in urology where male factors responsible for infertility are evaluated and treated. It requires special training /fellowship to become male infertility specialist. Dr. Dharm Raj Singh has been fellowship trained in male infertility at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canada under Dr. Keith Jarvi who is a world renowned male infertility specialist . Dr. Singh has special interest in vasectomy reversal operation where two ends of vas deference (tube that carry sperm) are connected together. He regularly performs this operation in Canada with very high success rate.


Dr. Singh has also done specialised kidney transplant training accredited by American Society of Transplant Surgeon (ASTS) from Queen Elizabeth II Health Science Center, Halifax, Canada with Dr. Joseph Lawen, a well know transplant surgeon in Canada.


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Research & Publications


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Title-Coverage evaluation Survey of Universal Immunization Program in Chiraigaon block of Varanasi district.

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