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  • Title -Retrospective review and long term follow up of radical cystectomy in a developing country.
    Authors -Gaitonde K, Goyal A, Nagaonkar S, Patil N, Singh DR, Srinivas V
    Journals -Br J Urol International 89 (Suppl.1); 57-61: 2002
  • Title -Renal pelvic stricture after instillation of hypertonic saline in a patient with chyluria.
    Authors -Singh DR, Sagade SN , Deshpande H
    Journals -Bombay Hospital Journal 40 (3);437-438:1998
  • Title -Coverage evaluation Survey of Universal Immunization Program in Chiraigaon block of Varanasi district.
    Authors -Singh DR, Mishra CP , Mehrotra A, Tandon J
    Journals -IJPSM 24 (2) ; 64 - 68 : 1993
  • Title -Kidney transplantation in patients with abnormal lower urinary tract.
    Authors -Singh DR, Belitsky P
    Journals -Current opinion in organ transplantation 7 (2); 161-165:2002
  • Title -Importance of Peak PRA in Predicting the Kidney Transplant Survival in Highly Sensitized Patients.
    Authors -Singh DR, Kiberd BA, West KA, Kamal K, Balbontin F, Belitsky P, Lawen J
    Journals -Transplant Proc 35 (7); 2395- 2397: 2003
  • Title -Basiliximab widens the therapeutic window for AUC-monitored neoral therapy early after kidney transplantation.
    Authors -Balbontin F, Kiberd B, Singh DR, Squires J, Fraser A, Belitsky P, Lawen J
    Journals -Transplant Proc 35 (7); 2409- 2411: 2003
  • Title -Tacrolimus monitoring by simplified sparse sampling under the concentration time curve.
    Authors -Balbontin FG, Kiberd B, Squires J, Singh DR, Fraser A, Belitsky P, Lawen J
    Journals -Transplant Proc 35 (7); 2445- 2448: 2003
  • Title -Can the outcome of older donor kidneys in transplantation be predicted? An analysis of existing scoring systems.
    Authors -Singh DR, Kiberd B, Lawen J
    Journals -Clinical Transplantation 18 (4); 351-356: 2004
  • Title -Therapeutic monitoring of cyclosporine in kidney transplantation: The Halifax experience.
    Authors -Singh DR, Kiberd B, Belitsky P, Fraser A, Balbontin F, Lawen J
    Journals -Transplant Proc 36 (2 Suppl); S414-419: 2004
  • Title -Does pretransplant obesity affect the outcome in kidney transplant recipient?
    Authors -Singh DR, Lawen J, Alkhudair W
    Journals -Transplant Proc 37 (2); 717-720: 2005
  • Title -One-Year Randomized Study Comparing Cyclosporine Microemulsion with C2 Monitoring and Tacrolimus in De Novo Kidney Transplantation.
    Authors -Balbontin F, Kiberd B, Belistky P, Singh DR, Fraser A, Lawen J
    Journals -Graft (In Press).
  • Title -Early recurrence of primary FSGS in an older cadaveric renal allograft recipient resistant to plasmapheresis.
    Authors -Singh DR, West K, Kamal K, Gupta R, Belitsky P, Kiberd B, Lawen J
    Journals -Urology 67 (1); 200.e1-200.e3: 2006
  • Title -Polyoma virus induced hemorrhagic cystitis in a renal transplantation patient with polyoma virus nephropathy.
    Authors -Singh DR, Kiberd B, Gupta R, Alkhudair W, Lawen J
    Journals -Urology 67 (2); 423. e11- 423. e12: 2006
  • Title -A Rare Case of Angiokeratoma of Fordyce on the Penile Shaft.
    Authors -Pianezza ML, Singh DR, Van Der Kwast T, Jarvi K
    Journals -Urology 68(4):891.e1-3: 2006
  • Title -Multiple Extradural haematomas.
    Authors -Sharma V, Singh DR, Hussain M
    Journals -Neurology India 44; 88- 90: 1996
  • Title -Ureteric obstruction by a migrated IUCD.
    Authors -Singh DR, Sagade SN , Deshpande H
    Journals -Obs and Gynae Today iii (12);782:1998
  • Title -Tranverse Testicular Ectopia.
    Authors -Singh DR, Sagade SN, Bharucha
    Journals -The Indian Practitioner 51(11); 919-920:1998
  • Title -Role of Renal Autotransplantation in complex ureteral stricture.
    Authors -Singh DR, Sagade SN
    Journals -Bombay Hospital Journal 41(3);567-570:1999
  • Title -Prognostic significance of serum levels of IL-6 in Acute Peritonitis.
    Authors -Singh DR, Gupta SK, Khanna HD, Gupta S
    Journals -Annals, National Academy of Medical Sciences 32 (2); 127-132: 1996
  • Title -Correlation of initial computerised tomography scan finding with prognosis in patients of head injury.
    Authors -Sharma V, Singh DR
    Journals -Indian Medical Gazzete CXXX (9) ; 278 - 284: 1996
  • Title -Spontaneous rupture of the diaphram : Postpartum presentation as Gastric Torsion.
    Authors -Lahiri TK, Singh DR
    Journals -The Antiseptic 93 (1); 14 - 16 : 1996
  • Title -An unusual complication of percutaneous suprapubic cystostomy.
    Authors -Singh DR, Sailo L, Abraham NB, Kekre N
    Journals -Ind J Urol 17(2);179-180:2001
  • Title -Perforated Typhoid Enteritis : Surgical experience with 36 cases.
    Authors -Singh DR, Gupta SK , Gupta S
    Journals -IJCP 6 (7) ; 49 - 52 : 1995
  • Title -Recent trends in management of abdominal tuberculosis.
    Authors -Singh DR, Gupta S
    Journals -The Medicine and Surgery Sept.-Oct.; 13 - 15: 1995
  • Title -Spontaneous closure of Gastropleural fistula following thoracoabdominal injury.
    Authors -Lahiri TK, Singh DR
    Journals -The Cardiothoracic Journal 1 (7) ; 30 - 31 : 1995
  • Title -Intraoperative spinal real time ultrasonography.
    Authors -Sharma V, Singh DR
    Journals -J. of Vivekanand Institute of Medical Sciences 18(1) ; 14 -19 : 1995
  • Title -Treatment of Renal calculi in a patient with severe kyphoscoliosis.
    Authors -Singh DR, Sagade SN, Deshpande H
    Journals -The Indian Practitioner 52(8);561-562:1999
  • Title -Renal Autotransplantation in Renal hilar Pheochromocytoma.
    Authors -Singh DR, Sagade SN
    Journals -The Indian Practitioner 52 (12);877-878:1999
  • Title -Duodenal obstruction due to gall stone - a case report.
    Authors -Singh DR, Khanna R, Khanna AK
    Journals -Quarterly J Surgical Sciences 35;105-107:1999
  • Title -Intrarenal abscess An unusual complication after Electrohydraulic Shock Wave Lithotripsy.
    Authors -Gupta GG, Singh DR, Abraham NB, Kekre N
    Journals -Br J Urol International 87 (9); 903: 2001
  • Title -Oxalosis with nephrocalcinosis.
    Authors -Singh DR, Sagade SN, Kamat MH, Deshpande RB, Shah BV
    Journals -Nephrol Dial Transplant 15 (1);124-125: 2000
  • Title -Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma of the Rectum.
    Authors -Singh DR, Arya NC, Sahi UP, Shukla VK
    Journals -Eur J Surg Oncol 25 (4) ;447-448:1999
  • Title -Uncomman craniospinal dysraphism.
    Authors -Sharma V, Mohanty S, Singh DR
    Journals -Annals, Academy of Medicine , Singapore 25 (4); 602-608 : 1996
  • Title - Splenic Abscess: Treatment Options.
    Authors -Singh DR, Pandey M, Shukla VK
    Journals -Illustrated Case reports in Gastroenterology 3 ; 19-23 : 1996
  • Title -enal Cell Carcinoma presenting as Hypertension.
    Authors -Singh DR, Gaitonde K, Nagaonkar S, Patil N, Srinivas V
    Journals -Ind J Urol 19(1);80-81:2002
  • Title -Abnormal bone scan: importance of clinical correlation.
    Authors -Singh DR, Gaitonde K, Nagaonkar S, Patil N, Srinivas V
    Journals -Ind J Urol 18(2);179-181:2002
  • Title -Emergency management of Urogenital Trauma.
    Authors -Singh DR
    Journals -The Indian Practitioner 54 (5);347- 350:2001
  • Title -Giant Renal Tumour: Leiomyosarcoma.
    Authors -Gupta GG, Singh DR, Korula A, Mehrotra S, Kekre N
    Journals -Ind J Urol 17(2);172-173:2001
  • Title -An unusual complication after extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy for renal stone.
    Authors -Singh DR, Gaitonde K, Sagade SN
    Journals -Ind J Urol 16 (2);154-156:2000
  • Title -Cushing´s syndrome in a patient with ACTH secreting Pheochromocytoma.
    Authors -Singh DR, Gaitonde K, Kulkarni SN, Sagade SN, Shah NF, Bhaduri A
    Journals -Ind J Urol 17 (1);52-53:2000
  • Title -Renovascular hypertension treated by Renal Autotransplantation.
    Authors -Singh DR, Sagade SN
    Journals -Indian J Pediatr 67 (6); 461-463:2000
  • Title -Sagade SN Female Epispadias.
    Authors -Singh DR
    Journals -Ind J Urol 16 (2);163-164:2000
  • Title -Lord´s Procedure: A curative operation for primary Hydrocele.
    Authors -Singh DR, Gupta SK, Gupta S
    Journals -JIMA 94 (4) ; 141 - 142 : 1996